2018.11.18 Sun. MAW Additional Lineup Announcement!

“Manhattan Island” is a special place where authentic DJs bring you next-level sets, exclusively spinning vinyl. We’re thrilled to announce the additional lineup, which includes MAW party veteran MURO, illustrator and record collector Hiroshia Nagai, master of 7-inch records DJ KOCO aka Shimokita, the genre barrier-breaking Kaoru Inoue, and 22 year-old record addict Mayu Kakihata. All these DJs will be spinning soul, funk, and disco records for you to dance to. This exclusive line-up at Manhattan Island is being brought to you with support from NY backpack brand Manhattan Portage.

Our early bird tickets sold out immediately, but it’s not too late to get general advance tickets. Please visit http://mawinjapan.com/ for more details.

Also—the video from last year’s event, MASTERS AT WORK IN JAPAN -TO BE IN LOVE- has also been released, featuring music mixed by MAW. From Kenlou’s “Moonshine” to Nuyorican Soul’s “It’s Alright I feel it,” MAW’s set is a must-see. Click here to check out the video.