Admission will be FREE!! for ALL of International Guests!

We are delighted to announce that an event celebrating the launch of NOCTIVE (, Japan's first web media project aimed at sharing information on country's nightlife with the world, is set to be held at ageHa@STUDIO COAST. This event is entitled “NEW DAWN BREAKING” JAPAN NIGHTLIFE MEDIA [NOCTIVE] LAUNCH PARTY.


The name "NOCTIVE" is a portmanteau of the Latin "nocte" (meaning "night") and the English "active." It reflects the project's cooperation with Japan's national policy of promoting its night-time economy.
In 2019, with the Tokyo Olympics just a year away, it is expected that Japan welcome over 30 million visitors from abroad.
NOCTIVE presents a new vision of the possibilities of nightlife to the people who make their way to Japan from across the globe, as well as to the young people who will carry Japan into the future. It is the first web media project to share information on Japan's nightlife with the world.